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Learning fast that trips to the pet store for crickets is a pain in the butt.
Please tell me how to keep crickets in one of those big tubs. Should it be clear? What goes on the top so they have air? What to feed them and how long will they live? Thank you so much!
The tub can be any type you want, clear or colored, as long as it's big enough so that everyone doesn't jump out. You want to make sure you provide lots of ventillation, too. So most people will cut out panels from the sides (at least 2) and hot glue a metal or thick pastic mesh so that air flows through but no one gets out.

With better airflow they will not smell as badly and they will live longer. Their life span will depend on what size cricket you order, but you could expect them to live 3-4 weeks unless you feed them off first.

Then you want to feed them all the good gutloading stuff, so you can use a dry commercial food like Cricket Crack, Dinofuel, or Repashy Superload, for example, and fresh frutis and veggies. I personally like using a pre-made dry gutload with veggies, but you can make your own dry and wet gutload as long as you look into good ingredients.

For more info on food I would recommend that you click on the link to the Chameleon Care Resources (link at the top, tab named "Resources" or the link in my signature), hit on diet and nutrition, and read the article as well as the additional info links to Sandra's blogs. That will teach you everything you want to know about what to feed crickets.

Hope that helps!
You're very welcome. If you have any more questions just ask.

The only thing I forgot to mention was to not use window screen, as crickets will eventually chew their way though it! That's why you want something a little thicker or sturdier.
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