Discussion in 'General Photography' started by Jweezy, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Jweezy

    Jweezy New Member

    here is my veiled chameleon named Kameel, she is almost 3 months old and i have had her since she was 5 weeks.
    thought id share.
  2. Jweezy

    Jweezy New Member

    couple more i took
  3. Jamelon

    Jamelon New Member

    LOL she loves working out eh haha nice pics
  4. PrettyInInk87

    PrettyInInk87 New Member

    Oh my god the 4th picture in the first set is SOOOOOOOOOO adorable! That literally made me smile. :D So cute!
  5. Jweezy

    Jweezy New Member

    thank you!! ya she is fun to have around
  6. whitespyder

    whitespyder New Member

    i agree!! that one is my favorite too. i love when chameleons have their tails coiled up.

    shes a beautiful little girl!

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