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I've got ten perfectly forms K. multi eggs. Unfortunately, they came out the hard way. The female that was shipped to me by mistake a week ago was hugely gravid. She did well until today. She was outside in her cage and drinking and basking. She started circling this afternoon and began to dig, but looked utterly exhausted. She kept slumping on the floor of the cage. I dug a tunnel for her and put her near the entrance (more like a ramp than a tunnel). It looked like she was going to lay - she got into position. I checked on her about an hour later and she looked really bad.

I hydrated her with a dropper. A half hour later, she was looking worse, but she was moving and straining. I suspected a dystocia, but there was nothing I could do about it since today is a holiday. She quickly progressed to the point where she wasn't going to survive. I carried her around in a warm damp towel for a little under an hour until she passed. I immediately removed the eggs. See photos.

The medium they are in now is not ideal, but it is what I had at 8:00 tonight. I am one of those keepers who leaves the eggs in situ so have never "incubated" them per se. Tomorrow, I will move them to vermiculite and will probably order one of the LLL Reptile fridge incubators. I am very tempted to put them in an exoterra (I have a K. tavetana in one with eggs cooking and due to hatch in July/August).

Looking for opinions from those with experience. Thanks


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Hey I have not been paying attention to incubators but last time I checked there was not much difference between the two. I don't think the tav parameters would kill your multi eggs. Bittersweet but congrats.
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