Juvenile Chameleon Sleeping during the day

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I just got a juvenile helmeted chameleon (male) a few weeks ago and in those weeks I noticed that he doesn't seem to move much from whatever spot that we placed him on.
We have a running feeder on the door of the cage and it seems that he sees whatever food that we put in there for him because when we first fed him, most of the insects would disappear within a day or so. But I've noticed that he hasn't been eating much the past few days and when I moved him from the back corner to the feeder he didn't really get close to it and now everytime the mister goes off in his cage he doesn't drink anything eventhough the water is dripping from the plants right next to him.
Everytime I pass his cage or check in on him he seems to have moved slightly to the left or right but not much and his eyes are closed. Even when i moved him and got him on my hand he seemed to have fallen asleep immediately, and we haven't handled him enough for him to be that comfortable, like I said we've only had him a few weeks! He is also shedding from his head.....is that what's causing this? Also when we got him I noticed the bottom of his tail was slightly bent and a dark brown but only where it's bent and the very tip is still green/his normal color.


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Hi there welcome to the forum. Trioceros hoehnelii have very specific care requirements.

Can you please post pics of your enclosure lights down and fill out the form below with detail.

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