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i just brought a adult female jackson from underground reptile .. i was just wondering how can i tell if she had babys inside of her? im new to owning jacksons but she seen kinded fat .. she also was wc

also what is the best way to breed and keep Fruit Flies? i keep may type of bugs .. some just for the fun of it .. and i thinking it be best of i kept some since we live in the middle of nowhere and would be hard to get my hand on some beside in the mail .. and having the ship here wold be bad cause we always 90 - 100 or more in the summer
Not sure on how to answer your question but have you check the breeder and female care section or the care sheets? They're pretty specific for species..i got alot of info for my female veiled cham from there
First off maybe try to post some pictures of your new female Jackson and some more experienced keepers might be able to tell if she's pregnant. If there is a chance that she is pregnant having a culture of fruit flies on hand is not a bad idea. Remember Jackson's are live bearing and you could find yourself with a bunch of hungry babies with nothing to feed them with. Making matters worse if your in the middle of nowhere even mail order could take a day or two. Another problem with fruit flies is if it's a fresh culture it takes time before they really start to produce flies. As far as raising them goes let the search button be your friend, there's a wealth of info on raising fruit flies.
thank you and yes i try to get some photos of her soon .. we have decided not to pick her up yet till she settle in .. hopeful i can do it today
yey i got some


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Wow, I have not had a female... But she looks like she is ready to blow! If you don't have her xrayed to know for sure, having some fruit flies on hand would be an excellent idea.

Hope you're ready to be a grandparent :D
Yeah she does look huge. When I mentioned having the fruit flies on hand it wasn't a hypothetical statement. I resonantly bought two sisters a month a part, they were both about a half to two thirds as big as yours is. So I was thinking post baby or preteen. Well I have them caged outside and when I went to feed them I found four babies in the cage. SURPRISE!!! Just 3-4 days before that I was at the San Diego Super Show, where they had untold numbers of fruit flies, been beetles and anything else I might have wanted for the young ones. Fortunately I don't live in the middle of nowhere so I was able to get fruit flies the next day but the cultures were really fresh so they're a little weak on flies at the moment. So far mine are doing well, although they're only 4-5 days old. So I guess the moral of the story is being prepared is a good thing.
thank you so much to these who have answer or will answer .. i mainly keep bugs .. while my other half like reptiles, He got me a few snakes and a quince monitor but since i became sick i rarely can get out of bed and go to the reptile room so we are finally glad to fine me a reptile that i can put beside my bed and talk to ... and i am now hook! i have decided to sell my ball python so i can get some more new friends

sadly due to the meds i have not gotten to look over this site as much as i like to but i hope over time to be able to know more about Chameleons

one aging thank you so much!!
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