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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheLastGuyMusic, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who responds to the questions here my chameleon is healthy and alive thanks to this form I couldn't do this without. I'm still waiting to become a rank where I can write on posts I was also wondering how long that might take? Thanks again everybody my chameleon brought my family back together it's been a blessing.
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    I dno if I contributed anything to your questions but there's no need to thank...
    We're all in the same boat, some of us a lill longer than others but bottom line is that we all want what's best for our animals and to achieve this we need eachother's input.

    I think info on achievements and titles can be found in the help section of this site.
    But if you're an active contributing member like me you will have your first title in no time and the rest will follow shortly after...
    (OR if you have nothing useful to contribute but still want a special title you can ask @Brad if you can be a moderator like @Decadancin did.)*

    *Decadancin and I have some friendly rivalry going on here...
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    You should be able to respond to threads in most forums. There are a few things you may not be able to do, but most things are available to you.
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  5. Brodybreaux25

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    My understanding of Ranks are that they are not time based, they are based on content like ability and activity levels. Just participate and ask questions, you will move up in no time. Remember that if you have a question on something, no matter how silly, ask it. There is someone else out there with the exact same question but may not feel comfortable asking it for whatever reason. You will be helping others by asking your question, kind of a “pay it forward” philosophy we all live by here. We have little to gain by doing what we do here, we do it just because we care.

    One thing that I was unaware of when I first joined the forum 1.5 years ago is that ranking is not a true indication of experience. You can have someone on here who has kept chams flawlessly for 40 years and only has the rank of a member because they aren’t very active. You can also have someone like me who achieved the rank of Enthusiast in a year and a half who knows nothing about chams but has a high rank because I can’t stop running my mouth!
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