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Problem 1:

1) Chams like a 12 hour light cycle.
2) In their outside summer quarters, they will receive only about 8 hours of darkness in Southern Ontario, Canada from about June-August.
3) It follows that outdoor enclosures won’t work...

But so many people from temperate areas have outdoor enclosures for their chams for the summer months. What gives? Is it just that the benefits of natural sunlight, fresh air, etc. outweigh the downside of not providing a strict 12/12 light schedule? Thoughts?

Problem 2:

1) ho t5s do put out some heat, and the basking areas in my enclosure are 85-90 without a separate basking lamp (ambient in the low 70s). Is there some other reason to provide a separate basking lamp?

Again, I’m happy to fill out the form, but I’m not actually having a problem, I’m just contemplating seeming inconsistencies (especially in 1, above). I’d love some input.


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Lighting is more for scheduling breeding. Its not like 8 hours or 18 hours will cause hunger strikes or something.

You dont need basking lights if you can provide and area of heat. So if they can get close to the uvb bulbs and "warmup" then you dont need a basking light. On the other hand if its 50f in the morning, then yea a basking light is needed. I dont even provide basking lights mid summer because it gets so hot. I might even start turning off lights a few hours mid day if ambient reaches 90+ and they start hiding in the cool areas.
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