just occurred to me … #Shedding


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I got my girl about 3/4 weeks ago now, she’s roughly 4/5 months old, the day I got her she had just finished shedding.
The temps and humidity In her enclosure im Happy with but she’s not showing any signs of shedding, however she does just generally look abit bigger than when I first got her, I know they shed more frequently every 3/4 weeks when they’re juvenile/younger and roughly every 8 weeks when they’re older but she’s not showing any signs of shedding, should I be concerned ?


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I wouldn't think so. If your feeding, basking temps and humidity are all good your good. Also not all Chams shed on schedule it depends on how fast they grow. Females might shed slower because of controlling egg production with temps and amounts you feed. Males want to get big fast my male shed almost every month for 10 months
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