Just got some silkworm eggs!


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Hello forum,

I just got my shipment of silkworm eggs from mulberry farms. Does anyone have experience with these? I read their faq on raising them and read up a few other sources as well. As per their directions I'm supposed to cover the petri dish with a bowl for a few days in good heat/humidity and it says to leave the petri dish lid on.....do I never take the lid off until they hatch? i feel like there's no airflow that way. Anyone know?
I put my eggs in a petri dish with the lid on. I then put it in an incubator set at 84 degrees. It also helps to add a little humidity, you can accomplish this with a moist paper towel under the petri dish. If they are kept at a constant warm temperature they can hatch within a week or two, but if not it could take a couple months even to hatch.
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