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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon. nearly 3 months, male and been in my care 4 days (Gizmo).
Handling - Once so far to put him in his home.
Feeding - I am feeding small crickets and Dubai Roaches, He has about 10 crickets and 3 or 4 roaches. I gut load with spring greens, rocket, sweet potato and dandelion leaves. I put feeders in in the morning.
Supplements - I use calcium without D3 every feed and I plan on using d3 and multivitamins twice a month.
Watering - I spray 3 times a day 2 2 minute mists and a 5 minute one. I have seen him drink a few times.
Fecal Description - His poop is normal and urates are white. He has never been tested for parasites.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Medium reptibreeze mesh terrarium
Lighting - I use an exo terra dual canopy with repti sun 5.0 uvb bulb and a standard tube bulb. I have the lights on 12 hours a day 7am to 7pm.
Temperature - My temps are 29 degrees at the top and 19 towards the bottom. I have a digital thermometer.
Humidity - humidity is around 50%. I mist the cage and I have a gigial hydrometer.
Plants - I have 2 live ficus plants and an umbrella plant.
Placement -The cage is in the corner of my living room.
Location - Peterborough, UK

Current Problem - I don't have a problem but I would like to check that my set up is correct and confirm the amount that I am feeding him is ok. I don't want to over or under feed him. He is currently going through a shed but still seems to be eating fine. Also how do I introduce worms to him? He has never eaten them before and just looks at them and puffs himself up. I have offered silk and calci worms. I need some peace of mind as I had a chameleon before this one and it died after being in my care for 4 weeks. The vet believes it was a pre existing condition and was nothing I did wrong but I still feel bad that we lost him. I just want everything to be right for our new little one. I have learnt a great deal reading this forum but I feel there is much more to learn.

Mr Jingles

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Congrats on the new one. My babies are around the same age than yours and are also veileds. From what I read your setup sounds fine. Hahaha I have the same issue with worms as you have, but I think they'll take to that as they grow up. Is the tube bulb the basking light?


It is a standard tube bulb. I forgot to say that there was also a basking spot bulb. The canopy goes across the right hand side so the left is slightly darker. I know that too much light can be bad for their eyes.
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