just about done.


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This here is my chameleon cage, 16x16x20 inches.
Just temporary until i make a better cage.
Yes i do have a uvb tube light, i just haven't installed it physically into the wall yet (my choice).
And i've got a ficus plant coming soon, but the fake leaves and branches are just temporary.

Basking spot is 80 - 85F
normally it's 68 - 72 at night and everywhere else in in the 75-80.

If anyone can just point out something missing, that'd be delightful.


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you need to have more stuff towards the bttom of the cage. when they get too hot,t hey will go towards the bottom of the cage to cool off, you dont have anything that your cham can crawl down.


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put a live potted plant in there and make sure you cover up the dirt with LARGE river rocks. Also, what type of lighting are you using there? Your temps seem good. Is that cage suspended in the air? It looks to not be setting on anything?


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using a zoo med basking bulb 75 watt
and i have reptisun 5.0 uvb ready to go up and the cage is into the wall.
and like i said a ficus is coming on the way.
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