Just about done!


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I got pics today of the cage...I can sit right inside of it and still have room to move...I turned out allot better than I thought..Rocks and tile going to be done in a few days..I have 1 question though..Is it okay to stain it or should I just leave it how it is?..Thanks..what do you think?



Hi curly

Nice cage build! What is it going to be used for? I would seal it if you have not already. A stain might look nice.
As far as I know stain is fine but after add on a good coat of seal or two to keep the wood nice and safe as well as the stain from bleeding. What you going to put in it?
nice cage curly! thats a real nice lookin cage man , see what can happen when you use your imagination, lol your BD is gona love that thing , i got a pic of my buddies BD if you want pics just ask me man ill send them to yea cause hes one big boy!
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