Just a friendly reminder...


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Just a friendly reminder. A Custom enclosure of 30"x30"x 51" WONT fit though door ways!
Trying to build my Guy a nice size enclosure and it would not fit... so had to downsize. Maybe when we move he can have his huge kingdom
Buy a reptarium! You can have a monster of a cage and fit or through doors becuse it can be dismantled. A lot of people say they aren't quality but honestly I'm mad at myself for not having purchased one sooner.


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Oh no that sucks! No way to dismantle the cage? What a shame! Have you posted pics of it? I like seeing custom cages.


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Have you tried taking the door off the hinges? The doorway to our office is 30" so I built my cage a little smaller than that but got stuck on the door as we went to roll it in. A flat tip screw driver and a hammer got the hinge pins out and then we were able to roll it on in...


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My husband wants me to make it 22"x30"x51" for now til we can move into a bigger place. Then I can build the little Guy a bigger enclosure. Still a decent size enclosure at 2in shy of the recommended 24", should be ok right?


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Doh that sucks! But the 22x30x51" is plenty big.

I have a 6x4x5 ft enclosure in a room, not looking forward to the day I want to move that thing.
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