June '11 Photo Contest

June '11 Photo Contest

  • Votes: 24 17.4%

  • Votes: 4 2.9%

  • Votes: 1 0.7%

  • Votes: 2 1.4%

  • Votes: 5 3.6%

  • Votes: 2 1.4%

  • Votes: 13 9.4%

  • Votes: 2 1.4%

  • Votes: 1 0.7%

  • Votes: 2 1.4%

  • Votes: 44 31.9%

  • Votes: 3 2.2%

  • Votes: 1 0.7%

  • Votes: 4 2.9%

  • Votes: 4 2.9%

  • Votes: 26 18.8%

  • Total voters
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Chameleon Photo Contest
:D June 2011
view entries

Theme: No

Win A Gift Certificate To: ... you choose :cool:

Chameleons Only
FL Chams
Mist King
Tortoise Supply
Snail Tail Flies
Heroic Chameleons
Chameleons Northwest
Tiki Tiki Reptiles
Great Lakes Hornworm
LLL Reptile
Chameleon Nation
Ship Your Reptiles
Mulberry Farms
DIY Cages
Eco Zone Vivarium
Pangea Reptile
Josh's Frogs
Educational Science
Tasty Worms Nutrition
Chamalot Chameleons
Jarosek Park Reptiles
Chameleon Paradise
Chroma Chameleons
Protean Terrarium Design
Light Your Reptiles

1st place: $50 gift certificate :eek:
The winner of this contest may choose a gift certificate to one of the companies listed above. This should give the winner a nice choice of where to use their gift certificate. The certificate can not be split up and used at multiple places.

How to enter the contest:
contest entry deadline: June 16, 2011
  • To submit your photo, click here.
  • Fill out the form and click submit.
  • You are welcome to change your submitted image anytime before the submission deadline.

Please view the contest rules before submitting a photo. Click here to access the contest rules. The contest rules have recently been updated.

entry deadline: June 16
voting: June 16 - June 30
contest results will be announced on July 2 2011

Please review the contest rules. The photo entry period will be extended if a minimum of 10 valid entries have not been received.

The Chameleon Forums reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. Please check this thread often if you are participating in the contest. Feel free to reply to this thread with questions if you have them.
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Having a hard time deciding on your favorite?

Slideshow: Click to view slideshow

Comparing the original size of each image can help and is recommended. Photos should not only be judged by the chameleon displayed, but also on composition and image quality.
Oh no!, say it isn't so...im too late???
Kirby Kammer I sorry!!!, I didn't know
Voted anyway just in case!

Sorry!, didn't read the post correctly!! Im in time!
Im sorry Hoj, next time I promise! I voted before I knew he was in the running!


Chamalot Chameleons
HEy how do contests work anyway? :eek: Im new!!
You can read all about it under contest rules.. but in a nutshell...........

At the beginning of the month everyone who wants to submits a photo for the contest... The higher quality the photo is the better.

After the 15th or 16th of the months all the entries are narrowed down to 12 to 16 finalist.

Then all members of the forum can vote on which of the finalist they like the best

There are also 3 or so judges that also vote and their vote carries a little more weight.

The 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners are announced at the beginning of the following month

1st place winner gets $50 gift certificate and their photo displayed on the home page for the whole month... All Winners also get little medal icons on their profile.


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I think i remember seeing poll results as the voting was going on in past photo contests where you could see who was getting the most votes before it was closed. Is that just something done every now and then, or am i missing the link?


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Today is the last day to vote in the June 2011 photo contest.

Reminder: The theme for july is eye shots.


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The Results

The Results​

1st place: ABbuggin
Species: Rieppeleon brevicaudatus
Common: Bearded Pygmy Chameleon
Sex: ~
Age: 3 days

2nd place: alexbrock
Species: Furcifer pardalis
Common: Panther Chameleon
Sex: male
Age: 9 months

3rd place: Peter Kraemer
Species: Kinyongia multituberculata
Common: Western Usambara Two-horned Chameleon
Sex: male
Age: 3 years

If you are not familiar with how the contest works, please review the [THREAD=102]contest rules[/THREAD].

open member vote
The top ranked photos from the open member voting received the following points:
photo 11 => 5 pts (ABuggin)
photo 16 => 3 pts (alexbrock)
photo 01 => 1 pts (Dez)

judge rankings
We had three judges this month: pachecoss, Trace, and Brad.
The judges, in no specific order, gave the following rankings:

photo 07 => 3 pts (Peter Kraemer)
photo 11 => 2 pts (ABbuggin)
photo 16 => 1 pts (alexbrock)

photo 16 => 3 pts (alexbrock)
photo 14 => 2 pts (sels)
photo 11 => 1 pts (ABbuggin)

photo 07 => 3 pts (Peter Kraemer)
photo 14 => 2 pts (sels)
photo 09 => 1 pts (ferretinmyshoes)

point totals
photo 11 - ABbuggin: 8 pts
photo 16 - alexbrock: 7 pts
photo 07 - Peter Kraemer: 6 pts
photo 14 - sels: 4 pts
photo 01 - Dez: 1 pt
photo 09 - ferretinmyshoes: 1pt

We had some great entries this month. There is always room for improvement, so if anyone has a suggestion please create a new thread in the photo contest or feedback forums. If you prefer to remain anonymous you can send me an email or private message.

Medals have been awarded.
Congratulations to the winners :) :D
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