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It is also a great place to purchase almost everything you need for your pygmy enclosures !!! Including temperate springtails !!!


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Get your crickets here if you want them to be alive. I had given up on crickets untill I got them from Josh. I rarely find a dead one now.


YAY Josh's Frogs!! I purchase from them (and see them at local shows) and they are great at what they do. Glad to have you on here! :D


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Sweet! I've been buying from them for awhile now. I found them on dendroboard. I get my flies from them, always been happy with my purchases.


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I love Josh's fruit fly media! I get 90 pounds at a time! lol, love how sweet it smells and the flies reproduce like mad when using Josh's stuff!


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Just got some pinheads from Josh's Frogs on Friday! They were very much alive and well upon arrival and I have not noticed any dying off....and my hatchling panthers love them!! :)


Kudos to Josh!!

A big shout out to Josh and his crew!! :D I ordered some crix to be delivered today and Fed Ex smashed a major hole in the side of one of the boxes :mad: (and mangled the rest...) and I had a total of 20 crix left (of 1,000) at delivery. Josh answered my e-mail in no time at all and offered to give me a refund or ship out more crix. These guys are the best!! Thanks Josh!! :D:D:D
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I got what was supposed to be 120 Dubia roaches from Josh to get a good starter culture going, along with some other supplies, and when the package arrived there were 4 deli cups of various sizes of roaches in it. I suppose there was supposed to be 30 roaches per cup, but I swear there must have been 50, give or take a few, in each cup, and there may have been a total of 1 or 2 dead ones! They've got a lifetime customer here! Thanks Josh!


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Josh is a great guy to deal with ... I'm not just saying it because he sells MistKing systems :) Like the hair club pitch goes...I'm not only a supplier..but I'm also a client ... hehe
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