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Is JOSHS FROGS a reputable vendor?
I ordered a MISTKING ULTIMATE from them online. Plus one additional T nozzle.
After not getting a confirmation Email, I called them on the phone to see if they had gotten the order. They could not find it. But eventually did after I confirmed that it had already showed up in my credit card purchases. My discount code was not honored. But I decided to let that go.
I got the box on time. But when it was time to put it all together, I found that two inexpensive but critical parts were missing.
The on/off valve and the reservoir bulkhead fitting.
I called the customer service number. The lady I spoke with was friendly. But not at all helpful.
She told me I'd have to Email them with a photo of the invoice and pictures of what was missing......I can't take photos of what I don't have and I threw away the invoice....That they already have. I mean, they sent me a copy of it!
I dug through my garbage can. Found the invoice and sent an Email.
2 days later I get an Email showing me a shut off valve (The correct one) and a bulkhead fitting. (The wrong one.)
I explained to them that it was wrong and that every video of every MISTKING I see has the same 1/4" bulkhead fitting. It's even on their webpage. I gave them their own part number.
So, I don't know when or if I'll be getting these parts. If it'll be up to me to find them and buy them. (A second time) or if they are planning on even acknowledging that they shorted me.
In the meantime, I've got no shut off valve and a jury rigged water outlet feeding my pump.
I'll update later.
So far, this has been unnecessarily complicated and totally unsatisfactory.
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Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with Josh's Frogs. I've ordered various things with them over the years and never had an issue. Did you place the order online or did you call them? Generally when you place an order online you should get a confirmation page that shows you that your discounts have been applied.

As for the parts, I can understand the frustration, but be aware that MistKing has changed a few things over the years, so check the video dates of what you referenced vs. their current product line. I always order direct from MistKing though I generally get delayed shipping since it's coming from Canada, but they have been one of the best companies to work with.


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I woke up this morning to several Emails from JOSH'S FROGS.
The parts are being sent and there is no additional charge.
So. All is well.
They've taken care of the issue.
Now if I can just get my dog to stop barking everytime that the mister turns on.....


They do occasionally make mistakes , but they always make it right. I think they are just growing fast as a company , and are doing their best to keep up.
I once ordered fabric lids and they sent plastic (200). They just credited me for the whole order. 90 % of the time they are perfect
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