Jokton/Tamarillo eggs!!!


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After a March 13th breeding, about a month long pregnancy, and one long hard days work put in my momma Tamarillo......we have ourselves joktons 4th viable clutch this year. This one being 27 eggs.

The pics below are as follows. Jokton watching me dig up the eggs. lol.....or maybe it was him getting mad at me because I was holding Mizraim right outside his cage. Its one of the two.....I just cant remember which. Pic two is of the proud momma directly after she crawled out of her laying container. Still looking pretty sexy if you ask me......expecially considering she just went through labor!!! And pic three......the clutch!!! In my opinion the most beautiful shot of the three. Gotta love rubbermaids full of eggs.


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Congrats Noah! Those eggs look good. Morpheus's girl Roux has been digging for 3 days now looking for that perfect spot... So I might have similar news very soon too :).

Isn't it fun to look for the eggs and see how many they laid? I just love that part lol.
the only thing i hate about eggs is the long wait for them to hatch. my veiled eggs will be at 150 days on the 21st of this month. meaning hatching time is near. this is also whyi got a pair of jackson so i don't have to incubate eggs
I think that the best feeling is when the eggs actually hatch out!! But running a close second is actually digging them up and finding out how many little ones your going to be treated to by the next year. Aw hell....panthers in general....and everything about them is just fun. I'm not sure that I can rank everything I like about them. It just wouldnt be fair. lol.
i agree with you. the worst part is after digging them up and counting how many you have and then 2 weeks into incubation all but a few eggs go bad. i had 44 eggs and 2 weeks later 32 eggs went bad and a couple days after that 3 eggs went bad. i have 9 fat eggs right now and i don't have the mother she got sick after laying the eggs and died a month later
Congrats =)

Sounds like Jokton has been busy this year. A lot of people are reporting new eggs... looking forward to some baby pics :)
Busy chams make me happy.

Hopefully soon I'll have some baby pics of a clutch that comes from Jokton's sister!! I'll have to get them up for everyone once they start breaking out.
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