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I have seen a lot of questions from ppl who keep jacksons about proper hydration and thought this would be a good way to demonstrate some important points.

First, my MistKing pump died!! and to make matters worse, the dripper tip
got pluged over, so, no water all day.

Look at the pic. It's already 5pm, and they usually que up for bed by this time. But I watered Noogie all he could drink, which took some time.

Notice he is near the bottom of the cage.
He was also dozing off.
He is down there in search of water!
That means, he has been away from his source of heat and UV, hence his
weakness (he twitched his head when I tried to move him up higher, which means, leave me alone).

He is not sick (would be if the condition continued) he simply needs a good nights sleep and I will have to give him more water in the morning and hopefully get him outside for some sun.

I also checked his UV bulb with a Solarmeter and found it needed replacing.

Anyway, by tomorrow late morning, Noogie should be fine.

I just wanted to use this as an example of how sensitive jax and montanes in general are when it comes to proper hydration.

Please note, I used a hand mister and watered him by short spurts on top of his head. He drank for a long time, but it sometimes takes a few minutes of spraying the water before he catches on and starts drinking.
So, when you give your jax water, remember that, and be patient.
Keep flowing the water gently over their heads until you see their mouth moving.
Hope this helps for the newer jax owners :)


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