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So I go to a reptile show today and I see adult male veileds together in a cage. They where all puffed up, switching between dark and aggressive coloring, and staring each other down. Next I see about 2weeks to 1 month old panthers for sale. And finally, adult males and females together in the same cage. Their was different species, like this.
Luckily they where the only vender that did this but I was amazed that they would do that.
Has anybody ever seen venders do this at reptile shows?
I'm assumeing the show is the one in San Jose. But no they shouldn't really do that. I'ts possible one might kill the other. In the case of the very young panthers their pretty safe from their age.
Though the added stress of all the people there could add to their agression. Which vendor was it?
How about dozens of baby Jackson's not even an inch long nose to tail in plastic ramekins?

My first reptile show was so disappointing, I may never go back to another one. The quality of care displayed by the vendors really disturbed me.
I saw this also today, it made my heart sad. I was telling my boyfriend that the tiny little vivs these animals are in are probably the only homes they have for the next few days. I'm sure quite a few vendors go show to show so it's a permanent home for the little ones. :(
Yeah, I agree. This was a big time vendor that knows better. I'm pretty sure they will go show to show. I won't bash or say any names but I was very disappointed in them.
The show was small this year. It was a little disappointing. They charge more at the door to see less. I still like to go and supporting the event even though I may not buy anything.
Yea sounds pretty typical for the handful of shows i have been to. Haven't been to very many personally, but it seems like at each one i saw at least one thing that was wrong In my opinion. I just chalk it up to the vendors having many adults with limited space for the show and only have them together while trying to sell for the duration of the day. I usually tell myself that surely they go back at the end of the night to big separate cages with all the important needs met like plenty of foliage, water, food, flat screen tv and PS3 in each one. This seems to do the trick in making me feel a bit better about the situation as bad as that sounds lol!
The majority of the vendors did things correctly. Just manly 1 bothered me. And they had all the space they needed.
That's what I forgot to put in my chams cages. Ps3 and hd tv. I must be a bad keeper. Lol
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