Jailbreak (please help!)


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Sometime after 5pm yesterday, my cham (6 month old panther) escaped from his enclosure...I think he snuck through the bars across the base and must've wandered out. I've been tearing my place apart looking for him and set up a vineway back to the cage from the ground...any advice? :(

Also, I have a small-ish place (2 stories, 1 bedroom)...will they climb up carpeted stairs?
Sorry to hear about your Cham. They are definitely escape artists if given the chance. It's honestly one of my fears since I let mine out on his free range during the day. I really don't know what to tell you, other than try to find places that he could climb (which I'm sure you've already done). Best of luck and if you find him, make sure there are no gaps in his cage.
lol i fell asleep one day on the couch and found him on top of the blinds that go across the slinding back door. you can be sure theyll look for the tallest points in the room, so always check there first
Glad you found him!!! Just goes to show you how they can get themselves into places you would never think of. I would revamp the cage so he cannot escape again!!!
thats awesome you found him. i'm sure ours would escape through the drain we put in the bottom of the cage if we didn't cover it with screen.
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