Jacksons coloration?


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At what age does a Jacksons Chameleon start coloring up. I assume that they are brown to tan when they are young and get the green a little older, is this correct? I have a three month old and it looks like he is getting a little more color under his chin, the fat of his neck.

He got to take his first shower today, not sure he really liked it. I had him in his favorite plant and misted him in the bathtup for about 10 min. Is this correct husbandry? It was warm water and had a heavy rain on the plant, he hid under the leaves most of the time.

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Might want to wait tell your chameleon gets older. When you are showering them it is better to aim the spray so that it hits the wall first. This breaks up the droplets so that they will be smaller when they hit your chameleon and not be such a shock.

Hadn't heard of showering your Chameleon yet? Why do you shower? I have a sub-adult is this showering for babes only? Thanks
The showerhead that i was using produces small drops, almost a mist, and I did not use a direct blast. I used the head and pointed it up and let it rain back down on to the plant.

How often do the plant and cage need to be cleaned? I have been in there weekly and cleaning droppings on the plants and bottom. Is that too regular or about right?
@Wally , from what I've read so far I think it's like a treatment for dehydrated chams and can also be used to assist the shedding process. Other than that I'd assume some people just make it a once in a while super cleaning/hydrating for their chameleon.

@OP, I wouldn't think there's any harm in cleaning every week as long as you're not using chemicals every time. If you're just picking up turds I'd say you're fine, I try and pick them up daily as I'm using no substrate at the moment and it's rather unattractive lol. I've also read about people that never change/clean their substrate as they keep earthworms and woodlouses (or some other insect) in there that do the job for them.
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Electric where did you hear or read this from. Show us some sources, that's pretty interesting.
sources on...? if you mean the substrate cleaners I read it on tanahaly.com forums, a french forum with mostly europeans and a handful of french canadians like myself, I could try and dig up posts and maybe translate

I can read/understand quite a bit of French...and with the internet, if there is a word or two that I don't get I can look it up!
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