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I've been away from the net for awhile but my jackson has been doing so well... He eats a lot and everytime I go to mist his tank he opens his mouth so I can spray the water at him. Below is him relaxing before dinnertime lol.


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He looks as if he is getting ready to sleep or was sleeping? He doesn't sleep during the day does he?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I did go look at your other thread and he seems to be even skinnier since then. There are so many times people will shrug stuff like this off and just tell the poster he looks good in fear of offending the poster. You got some good info in your last post but I am afraid something is not right with him. I hope this does not offend you but I and everyone else wants to see your buddy thrive.

Can you fill this form out as specific and as full as you can?

No he doesn't sleep during the day I did turn the lights on when I went to feed him.. I hate to say it was late at night :( And maybe he looks skinny in that picture... maybe??? he eats 4 sometimes 5 crickets a day and he always drinks water while I mist the tank. I mist him in the morning before I go to work at 6:00 a.m. and when I come home at 4 p.m. and a little again at night time. I got a dripper in the tank now and as soon as I put it in he went under the water and drank a little. I'm glad you told me that something looks wrong... I would hate if anything bad happened... I've grown very attached to him already. I've only had him maybe a month or two so far... I'm still in the process of figuring out exactly what I need to change or add to his home... I have plants, vines, the basking spot is at 80 most of the time, the humidity gauge right now said 60... the bottom of the tank is at 60 I have a thermometer at the bottom too. I always make sure he eats at least 3 crickets before I walk away, I have that cricket keeper and I always drop them near him so he can see them right away. He's always very active. I took him out the other day and he walked all over my arms and shoulders. In the tank he will rest a long time on the vines I have placed in there with his head on it too like in the picture. I feed the crickets apples and bananas usually, at least the ones that I keep in the keeper. I also sprinkle them with calcium before i feed them to Jackson, not too much of course.
He's cute! But you shouldn't wake them up, to feed them especially. They need heat to digest their food so they should be fed early in the day so they have time to digest and it doesn't just sit undigested in their stomachs all night. And disrupting their sleep cycle is not a good idea. Better to wait until the next morning to feed him instead. And apples and bananas are not sufficient for healthy gutloading. The link in my signature has excellent fruit/veggie nutritional info. You should be giving the crickets lots of dark leafy greens and veggies that are higher in calcium than phosphorus. Avoid anything high in oxalates or goitrogens. Fruits by themselves are low in nutrients and high in sugar - neither of which are good for your cham.
I am a little confused about your post. you said "I did turn the lights on when I went to feed him" So this is in the morning then, before you went to work you are feeding him corrrect? You don't mean once your cham has gone to sleep at night I assume?
They humidity could be a little higher in the day and higher at night. Also gut load with leafy green veggies like kale, kelp, mustard greens, collard greens, bok choy etc. Stay away from lettuce. Also add some fruits in there. Personally I think it is easier to gut load with Cricket Crack which you can get off a member of the forums. You want the montane mix. There are tons of stuff in there. I use this along with dark leafy greens and fruits. The Crack has stuff like certain beans etc. I lost my last bag of it but I know its somewhere. WHERE IS IT:confused: Its driving me nuts LOL! But I would give the exact contents if I could find it. It is just easier to use that along with the other stuff I mentioned instead of buying 30 some different things and making your own gutload. It is very inexpensive too.

Have you had a fecal exam? He could have a very high parasite count that is hindering him from absorbing enough nutrition. Also things like correct basking site and day temps aid in absorbing nutrition. Day time temps for him IMO should be 70 to 78 along with a basking site of mid to low 80s.

Here is a good article on them.

Check out this picture of my male Jackson; can you see any differences? In my experience, Jacksons do do have an odd look to them, especially the legs. Much different than a Veiled or Panther. Not nearly as plump. They have an inherant thin look to them. But look along your guy's back area at the spine. He does look underweight. A parasite check might be in order. If he's eating well and not gaining weight, he might have some sort of parasite. I hope he gains some weight for you. A waxworm or two every 3 or 4 days might help put on some weight, but use them sparingly.
Interesting...my little guy is small. He's only 75g, 1.5 years old and I think he's actually a little too plump, but then again maybe not. When I got him he was only 50g and about a year old.
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