Jackson Chameleon help


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Jackson chameleon, female, not sure of age, ive had her about a month
Handling - 1-2 times a week since I just got them in my care
Feeding - Everyday 5-10 crickets, but lately on like 1-2 a day
Supplements - repti-cal calcium and vitamins, calcium dusting 5x a week and vitamin 2x
Watering - I have a misting system that sprays about 1-2x an hour, and a little dripper that drips about a drop a second. She is also drinking.
Fecal Description - regular firm poop. Hasn't been tested for parasites
History - I got a pair about a month again and they both have been eating perfectly fine. She just had a clutch of babies 2 days ago and now has been sleeping alot, pretty lathargic and eating very few crickets. I'm just worried and would like to know if this is normal or should i get her checked out.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Screen cage 4ftx2ftx2ft
Lighting - Zoomed 5.0 uvb bulb and repti halogen bulb 60 watt on at 9am off at 9pm
Temperature - 80f at basking about 70f on ground lowest night is 67f i use an infrared heat gun
Humidity - about 75%. I use a humidity gauge from a pet shop
Plants - yes an umbrella plant
Placement - midway in the wall, slightly high traffic, not near any fans stands about mid way up the wall
Location - southwest united states


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Hi, is your pair together? If so, you need to separate asap.
What does the repcal calcium say exactly on the bottle?
Jacksons are a bit more touchy when it comes to supplementation.
What does her urates look like? White, yellow or orange?

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