Jackson Chameleo Sick?


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My Chameleon has been very lathargic for around a month now. He has not consumed anyhting in the past two weeks. He appears very week now to the point that he has fallen from branches and I have found him hanging upside down on multiple occasion over the last two days. What do I do?

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Approx 1.5 year old Male Jackson Chameleon. Have had him for about a year. Never handled unless its time to clkean his cage.
Feeding - Typically i feed him superworms and crickets. Crickets are dusted with calcium. Up till the winter he would eat daily but tapered off over this winter to once every few days. Has not eaten for two weeks now.
Watering - I use a drip system which drips onto vegetation and into his watering bowl.
Fecal Description - Nothing to check. Changed his cage two weekends ago and he has not eaten since i chabnged his cage
History - No previos health issues

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 2 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet mesh screen cage
Lighting - Not sure its the lights that came with him. a Red lamp and a UV bulb
Temperature - temp in the house is set to 68 and his UV lamp is on all day. the red lamp is on all night (been fine like this for a year)
Humidity - Lots of spraying atleast 4-5 times a day
Plants - No live plants
Placement - Cage is 3 fet off the floor, not near any "wind" in the living room where he has been for a year now?
Location - Where are you geographically located?

Current Problem - See above
Have you been dusting his crickets with any calcium with d3 or a multivitamin at all since you got him? Is your UVB a tube or compact?. It is important to know what kind of UVB you are using 5.0 10.0 etc. When is the last time you changed out your UVB bulb?. Is it the same bulb you got with him?. they need to be changed out like every 6 months or so. just because they are shining does not mean they are putting out the correct UVB anymore. What are the cage temps? Not what the temps are inside your house but your cage. What about your humidity. Don't you measure that? No basking bulb either?
your killing me

My Chameleon is unable to maintain conciousnes and is falling off the branches he normally slleps on. If this is only because a bulb is bad I will be surprised. thanks for grilling me for answers instead of giving me recomendations. I will just take him to the vet tomorrow if he makes it through the night.
Not that this is probably part of his problem, but you really should not have any lights on at night. Chameleons like to sleep in the dark. Just for the future, If you are worried about the temps getting too low (below 60 or so) then get a ceramic heater for the room.
You need to get it to a vet right away...and then once you find out what's wrong with it make changes to your husbandry if needed.
With the behavior you describe, I don't think you have much time.

Jackson's don't need heat at night unless your house temperatures are lower than the low 60's....and IMHO if you do need a source of heat you would be better off using a ceramic heat emitting "bulb" and not a red light.
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