Jackson’s not eating, smacked his lips


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Thank you, this is
Well, I do things differently than what he suggests for my panther and veileds. He does specify that montane species, such as Jackson’s you wouldn’t use the calcium plus. I’m not experienced with Jackson’s so can’t tell you what is appropriate supplementation. Hopefully one of the keepers I tagged will be able to clarify this. You can do a search of the archives for previous advise from jacksjill. Here is one thread in which she advises on proper supplementation. https://www.chameleonforums.com/threads/new-jacksons-chameleon.180735/#post-1638199
thank you, very helpful.


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Added a new planty today - there weren’t any big centerpiece plants that fit in his enclosure. I plan to do a build soon so he has a bigger space.


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