Ivy in pygmy enclosure?

Discussion in 'Pygmy Enclosures' started by Ionstorm, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Ionstorm

    Ionstorm New Member

    Wondering if it is safe to use ivy in a pygmy enclosure as it would provide alot of cover and vines? I cant find any pothos or I would use those instead.
  2. Ionstorm

    Ionstorm New Member

    Any pygmy keepers using ivy?

    Wondering if I should return these ivy and get some sort or fern or dwarf palm plant to be safe.
  3. lisa h

    lisa h New Member

    I didn't reply because I wasn't sure. You could check the safe plant list if you really want to use it. I have pothos, a fern, and a schleffera in mine. Too bad you can't get a pothos, because they go well in anything. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  4. Ionstorm

    Ionstorm New Member

    Thanx for the info lisa. I checked the safe plants list and the ivy seem to be unsafe. I will return it tomorrow and grab a couple of ferns, noticed the store had some available.

    The selection this time of year for tropical plants isnt too good, hopefully I can find a pothos in the spring.
  5. pssh

    pssh New Member

    I have an ad for organic pothos plants in the classifieds if you need some.

    Ivy isn't really safe. Even though the chameleons probably won't eat the plants directly, the feeder insects might.
  6. Ionstorm

    Ionstorm New Member

    Thanx for the info and offer pssh. Unfortunately im pretty far away, and its quite cold in Ontario this week so shipping plants would be more hassle than its worth.

    I will try a couple of different places locally and hopefully come up with something.
  7. brien

    brien New Member

    Ivy even if it was safe for chams wouldnt be the best idea in a cage because it will completly take over the tank you will have to cut it back pretty much all the time
  8. Kerickson978

    Kerickson978 New Member

    What about using Ficus pumilia? its a fairly small vine, however it does grow very fast!
  9. lisa h

    lisa h New Member

    Hey, didn't realize you were in Ontario. Have you tried Home Depot at all? Even Rona sometimes has them.

    If you can't find anything I can pack up some small slips and mail them to you Express Post. They should be ok. Plus they grow like crazy so should fill up your enclosure rather quickly. Just let me know!

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