I've got a cool mail carrier!


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So I get a call yesterday from a number I don't recognize. Its my mail carrier saying that I have a delivery and she doesn't know if I can be home to get it. I was on my way home and told her she could leave it at the door. ( It was my delivery of silk worms!) She then says "You might want to hurry because a few of them are trying to escape." :eek: "I keep trying to get them to go back in, but they keep peeking out!"

Good thing I didn't order roaches!!! :D
Was the box damaged? Hopefully not too many got out!

Nah, just a little spot for the smallest ones to squeak through. If some did get out I didn't notice. Looks like I got what I ordered and then some :D. Zaphod just tried his first couple and was very happy!
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