It's a Jungle in Here!!


It's the attack of the giant pothos!!!!!!!!!!

I found a really cool pothos "tree" at the garden center, and thought it would be a great replacement for our struggling schefflera. In addition to the small pothos we purchased earlier, Mr.Pink's cage has filled out very nicely! His cage finally feels (almost) done. I want to get a plastic rock wall to cover the left side of the cage where the wiring is. But aside from that minor aesthetic adjustment, we're pretty happy with how it looks now.

Take a look at our before and afters :) The first picture is was taken at the beginning of our chameleon endeavour. The second and third were taken today. We've come a long way :)



I used bamboo backing in mine! It's a great item to have I'm large enclosures. It makes it easy to attach branches and there is more for the Cham to climb on

Here was his enclosure before the remodel:


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Do you have orchids in your setup?

No, I don't have real orchids in my setup. They're from the dollar store, I just cleaned them really well before I put them in. It's just for decoration... something to contrast all that green! :)

The wood lattas in the back is also from the dollar store.


Yeah the pothos was a lucky find, although it was the most expensive pothos I've seen so far ($45). Really all they did was stick a piece of wood in the middle and ties the vines to it , near the bottom and the top of the board.
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