Issue with crickets dying


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I keep my crickets in a 20x20x20 clear plastic tote, I put big hole on 2 sides and a big hole in the lid for ventilation, and used aluminum screen to keep them from escaping.
the crickets stay in the basement wheres its about 63 degrees F, I keep 2-3 egg crates in the tote so the crickets don't smother each other.
also when i buy crickets i get a box of 1000 1/4 in, and usually about 800 are alive in the box, but after about 2 weeks I'm about out of crickets, cause they just keep dying. that box of a 1000 should last me a full month and then some.
every day i can go down and get some crickets for my little guy and there will always be a bunch dead.
I make sure i have enough gutload in the tote, and enough of that jelletin water.

the only thing i can think of thats causing the crickets to die is that i have to many in a single tote, i have to buy that many because i live an hour away from the nearest shop that sells any kind of chameleon food. I dont like going to petco because they are over priced. and plus i much rather help out a family owned shop anyway.

thanks for any help
also I attached a pic of my little guy


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20x20x20 does seem a little small, but as long as you provide plenty of egg crates stacked up, there should be enough space. I would say that the reason they are dying is probablly they are too cold. 63F is way too cool for crickets. Upper 70s mid 80s is more like it. I personally keep mine in the 90F range in each cage. I suspend a 60-75watt light buld from the underside of the lid of each container. Mid 80s is much better, if your gonna go 90s you need extra ventilation. If you suspend a light bulb, be sure to monitor it very closely for about 2-3 days and make sure it is not a fire hazard. Make sure that the bulb has about a 8" clearance from touching anything on any side. My plastic totes I use for 1000 is 36"L x 16"W x 12"H.
i would have to agree on the temp, i keep my crickets at about 75 to 80 and they seem to live forever. also are you removing the dead one cause dead crickets give off crap that kills the others.
yea I try to take out the dead ones every day, sometimes i forget to or I'm in a rush. i thought my temps were ok because the box they come in say 60-70 degrees, but ill try raising the temps and see what happens.
Lots of ventilation. Place the eggcrate stack on its side (so each crate is vertical)
this way, most waste falls to the bottom.
I prefer UTH for insect tubs (heat rises, more effective, less fire risk)
Lots of fresh raw carrot holds moisture better than crystal etc especially under heat.
Dehydration is a major insect killer too.
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