is this normal?


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Chameleon Info:
male veiled not sure how old ive had him for a week or so. 5 inches without tail
handle once every other day to clean out poop, sometimes more when i let him out of his cage to put him back in for bed.
i feed him every day 10-15 crix gutloaded with "bites gutload" and dusted with calcium, d3 once so far will do again in 2 weeks.
mist 2 times a day, never see him drink but hes hydrates. urates are all white. plus i use a dripper i made fill that up twice a day too.
poop looks normal

Cage Info:
reptibreeze medium size screen cage
60watt basking bulb, 5.0 reptisun uvb light 12 hour on/off
low of about 74 at night, usually 78 during the day. basking spot is about 85.
humidity is 50% with spikes when sprayed of about 65%
fake plants and vines
cage is in my room so theres no traffic just me.

question is, is it normal if my cham was sleeping and he all of a sudden fell off his branch? poor little guy looks fine hes just very nervous doesnt stop walking everywhere. i picked him up and i see no damage and he has no spots where he shows any effects when i touch. this is the first time this has happened unless i havent heard it but im sure i would have. could it have been a bad dream? :p lol it scared me, not more than him i bet but yeahh lol. :eek:
I'm a big fan of the "once is not a pattern" theory of behavior. Chameleons are built to fall, it's part of their defense mechanism in the wild. If he's fallen while sleeping once, I would just mentally note it and pay attention in the future. If it keeps happening, there might be an issue. Normally, mine seem very secure in their sleeping positions so I would be surprised if they fell.

Does he have a nice dark sleeping environment? If there is any light (computer, TV) it could keep him awake and so affect his health. You can toss a towel over the cage to block stuff like that at night.
there is a red bulb in a tank next to his but its under his sleeping spot. where he sleeps its completley dark and i wake up in the middle of the night to make sure hes sleeping and stuff. could it have been that i turned the lights on to see him? i shut them once i saw he was asleep and about a minute or less after he fell.

well i just put the towel on so now its completley dark in there. hopefully this doesnt happen again i will pay extra attention for this
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