Is this a stuck shed should I go to the vet

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Jordanworks479, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Hey quick pro opinion from you guys just got a male veiled Cham like 3 days ago did not notice this when I got him but I was spraying today and notice this it kinda looks like something is Wraped around his tail tip moves around hangs from it,fine eating fine and I spray 4 times a day now thinking it might help humidity levels are 40% all the time just about his basking spot temp is 84 degrees and the lower end is 75-79 I do sometimes spot him climbing on the screen could that be it or should I take him to the vet know have had beardies not much exp.with Chams I don’t wanna take him somewhere and they wack his tail off for no reason

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  2. Brodybreaux25

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    No vet in his right mind would ever cut a chams tail off unless it was rotting. He is probably just starting to shed. Give it 24hrs and check back in here if he doesn’t start shedding soon.
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    And if your going to own a Cham I highly suggest getting a cheap macro lense for your phones camera. They are like $10. It makes providing sharp close up photos so much easier. We can see that something is defanitly happening with the tip of his tail but the picture isn’t sharp enough to give you a good diagnosis.
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    Thanks I’ll grab the lens and post some updates tomorrow
  5. Jordanworks479

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    The macro lens I bought kinda blows gonna go get one from Best Buy my friend recommended but I got 2 more that are a little better also a couple pics of the enclosure is there anything I can be doing better just want to give the little guy the best shot.I had the window open while cleaning did not want the breeze to go in his cage so I but a scarf on the side

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  6. Jordanworks479

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    Btw he has not started to shed yet but looks like maybe he getting a little pale how long do they usually take to shed??
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    That maybe an old scar. When baby chameleons are housed together too long they start to nip each others tails as they become more territorial or it could be an old burn. There are other possibilities so I would keep a close eye on it and see a vet if it gets bigger.
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    Sorry I didn’t respect the health clinic

    leon Info:

    ◦ Your Chameleon - Veiled,male age 3 months

    ◦ Handling - Never i spot clean but I avoid contact

    ◦ Feeding - 7 med small Crickets,3 superworms gut load on leafy greens oats sunflower seed and some dried garlic and sometimes apples if I don’t eat them twice a day

    ◦ Supplements - Flukers phosphorus free vita d and calcium mix dusted 4 days a week

    ◦ Watering - I spray 4 times a day and use a dripper I see him drinking often he comes out when I spray and also licks it off the leaves

    ◦ Fecal Description - It’s never been tested but looks just look good as far tell no insects parts not watery

    ◦ History - Nope learning and living together just got him recently

    Cage Info:

    ◦ Cage Type - Reptibreeze screen 18x18x36 with a live 28” majesty palm and a small bamboo tree about 13” to help with humidity and water soaking up

    ◦ Lighting - Zoo med,100w powersun uvb basking all in one 12 hours a day

    ◦ Temperature - A temp range of 77 (cage floor)to 85 (basking spot)Lowest overnight temp is 70 How do I measure these temps used to be digital but now pet co temperature gauge

    ◦ Humidity - humidity level is 40 to 70% all day 70% if I have my already owed warm mist humidifier(steam box)on.How are you creating and maintaining these levels?Already mentioned steam box.What do you use to measure humidity?Cheap petco humidity gauge

    ◦ Plants - Are you using live plants? Yes bamboo and majesty palm

    ◦ Placement - It’s high up on a night stand about 7ft at its highest height

    ◦ Location - New York
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  9. Jordanworks479

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    Thanks jacksjill I will I wake up every morning and try to look at it I know the poor guy hates it I don’t want to wait until to late
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  10. Brodybreaux25

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    Damn near instantly at that age! Seriously, I’d say 2-3 days max.
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  11. Jordanworks479

    Jordanworks479 Established Member

    Thanks idk why but when shed time comes around for any of my lizards I always get nervous I’ve never had a bad experience but I will get nervous every time to much google images I guess
  12. Brodybreaux25

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    You need a real gutload, I recommend cricket crack.

    He should be getting calcium dust without D3 at every feeding. Also should be dusting with calcium with D3 twice a month. He also needs a multivitamin twice a month.

    Water- invest in a mistking they are worth every penny. Chams both drink from a rainstorm and clean their eyes with the rain water. If your going to keep handmisting make sure you see him drinking and cleaning his eyes for a few mins before you stop.

    That cage is big enough now but will need to be upgraded in the coming months.

    Get a linear uvb hood, much better uvb production for your Cham. The one you have now is more for bearded dragons I believe.

    Humidity levels are good but you’ve got to ditch the warm mist humidifier for a cold humidifier. The warm ones cause a lot of URIs.

    And you defanitly need to add more plants and branches to the top so he can bask. In a chams viv open spaces with no plants or branches running through it = wasted space that your Cham can not use.
  13. Brodybreaux25

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    Don’t get discouraged, I had more to fix than this when I got my first Cham!
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  14. Brodybreaux25

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    I recommend: 5078303B-45FE-45DA-A777-A8088A471393.png 2E1FBE60-BD4E-4B25-8293-8429CFF7C940.png 47D51D14-C5EC-4B10-A1F0-9093EB04FBBA.png

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  15. Brodybreaux25

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    Google images will make you swear your Cham is dying of some horrible rare disease every time! Just come here and ask, it’s what we’re here for.
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  16. Jordanworks479

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    Thanks so much for you help I will definitely get a mistaking as I want to automate the enclsousure a little bit I see him drinking almost every time I spray and popping his eyes in and out I already have the XL 24x24x48 just waiting for him to get bigger (got the big one first) and will that be big enough for him full grown or should I ditch reptibreeze all together?ill dust every time and forget to mention I do multi haven’t gave him any so far. You called it I used to use that hood for one of my beardies I’ll get the linear lights and ditch the hipster organic gut load it’s a lot of work anyway.With the plants go all the way to the Celing with it?I was worry it was gonna catch fire or get him burned
  17. Jordanworks479

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  18. Jordanworks479

    Jordanworks479 Established Member

    I’m going to post a update in a new thread showing the set up once I receive everything.Will post again if his tail gets out of order thanks again
  19. Char333p

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    on another note I would totally recommend getting a lot more moving space for your chameleon. Pick up some bendy vines on amazon. Theyre fairly inexpensive and you can move them where you want. that way your chameleon will have more opportunity to move from higher to lower with less effort
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  20. Brodybreaux25

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    The plants should stop 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up your viv. The top section should be mostly branches so he can pic where he wants to bask. Those vines Char333 mentioned work pretty well and you can easily rearrange them as you learn how your Cham uses that space.
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