Is this a sign of good things to come?


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Hey everyone I have a female panther (and a 2-2.5 year old I am guessing) male panther chameleon. Recently (in the last few weeks) I have purchased and use a higher wattage heat lamp. She has never shown the pink colours like I've seen before (maybe once).

This whole time (5 months) I will pair them together in the same tank maybe twice a week. She'll go around his cage minding his own business until he either gets way to close or he starts head bobbing (more like a twitch).

This week however I've kept them together for the last 3 days. They havent mated from what my fiance tells me when I am working. She doesn't really know what to look for and doesn't research anything but I do.

Right now they are sleeping. They are so close their noses are almost touching.

One thing I do know is that glass terrariums aren't the greatest. I have them in a basement in Canada, Ontario where it can and does get very cold so I have to use glass. I tried mesh and my male started getting sick which was quickly remedied by using the largest vertical height + vertical width tank that Exo-Terra sells.

Their incubator I had broke, clutch of bearded dragons still hatched

Their monsoon had a mind of its own and completely flooded my males tank when he was younger. Their tanks + matching stands are incredible, I'll add a pic of the one I have my female pastel ball python in.

Is this a sign that I should just leave them together for the rest of the week and wait, or take her out to have time to herself before then. She isn't showing any dark shades of black or anything and is staying either a) neutral or b) neutral + some pink shades.

Thanks for any comments/suggestions/judgements. I will post pics of them together within the next day or 2 when I have time.

First pic: female panther, about 8 months old.

second pic: male panther. I call him the punisher (sometimes) because he's been able to eat massive horned worms (unfortunately they explode all over the glass walls)

Will add pics soon


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I took her out now this is what she looked like she's never been this dark ever


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