Is this a casque burn?


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Recently my little guy has had these strange bubble-like scales on his casque. However, they are firm and there is no evident burning anywhere.

I recently switched from the daylight blue Zoomed bulb to a Halogen daylight bulb. Could it possibly be too hot for him? I have it set up approximately a foot, or so, from his branch.

I'm not sure if this is normal or if it is the start of a burn but, if so, i have some cream. He is healthy otherwise!

Thank you!!


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Looks to be the start of a burn to me... What are the current temps? How far away is he from the top of the enclosure? Could you post pics of the full setup? What kind of cream do you have?

Yes, when I get home I will attach a photo of the setup. I recently changed the bulb from a Zoomed Daylight Blue to a Halogen bulb because the daylight blue kept blowing out on me.

The lamp is about a foot away from the branch in which he basks. The cream is a Silver Sulfadiazine Burn Cream that i got from the veterinarian because when I got him, he had a burn on his tail.

I'm going to go back to the Daylight Blue bulb and hope it doesn't keep blowing out on me.
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