is there a yellow morph panther


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i have seen pictures of full grown male panthers that have a true yellow skin color would this be a hybrid or is it a lesser none locale.
There are locales that have yellow backgrounds with different coloured bars... If so if could have been many different locales.

Could have been Ambilobe, Ankify/Ambanja, Diego Suarez/Antsiranana, Sambava, Andapa... etc.

For example, in this photo by Bill Love:

We see three different males from different 'localities' showing varying degrees of yellow. You can see that some are displaying and other are calm.
that yellow is stunning i wonder if there are any more out there that look like him.
i talked to Ed Kammer only this morning. this is when he stated to me that Aratan is a ambanja tamtave cross, ed did not forget to mention that deespite the fact that the chameleon looked small in the picture, he is very big! also Ed mentioned that aratan is driving him crazy because all those beautiful colors have not been able to combine with a female to make some babies.

If that there is the chameleon you are talking about then the Kammers are saying it is an Ambanja. (not a cross like Westcoast says)

As you can see, here are three photos of the same chameleon. Varying degrees of yellow.

Yellow is a common colour in chameleons though.
Fair enough, all I can say then is either Ed is mistaken, or someone over there has slipped up while labeling the photos with text. Which I wouldnt be surprised considering how many chameleons they keep and have kept and named over the years...

Either way, a nice chameleon, but I'm partial to what the market considers purebloods. If you are looking for yellow chameleons there are several locales you can look at.

Here are three more photos of him:
Nosy Mitsio

I would think that a fired up Nosy Mitsio, from the island of that name north of Nosy Be, would qualify as the yellowest, at times 95% yellow, of all the known locale-pure morphs. It has sometimes been offered with the designer names Marfana or Soabana, which are not locations. The few pictures in my website, Locales pages, are of non-fired up animals. But there are other photos out there. It has been called an "all-yellow" morph before.

As for the hybrid talk out there, buy at your own risk. The genetics weaken significantly after the first generation
As for the hybrid talk out there, buy at your own risk. The genetics weaken significantly after the first generation

Hi Jim,

Nice to see you here. Have you seen this "weakening" of genetics yourself? What does that mean, exactly? Are the offspring stunted? Do they have a lower fertility rate? Deformed?


Hey Heika,
All of the above are possible. And yes, it is all based on personal experience, but has also been noted by others based on their direct observation, such as Ardi Abate with The Chameleon Information Network. My experience was that the biggest difference occured in the second generation of hybrids. First generation hybrids often seem outwardly OK, and often with unique coloration. But fertility and hatching results with those animal's offspring fell off dramatically compared with their locale-pure brethren. The possibility exists that the results may decrease more dramatically the further apart the original locales were, but we are not testing for that here ! We got enough results to say "bad idea".
Thanks, Jim. I have seen this mentioned many times, but you are the first to say you have seen it yourself. I have seen some discussion recently that this genetic weakening is a myth, so it is nice to get the story straight from someone who actually has first hand knowledge.

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