is there a way to tell if a rudis cham is pregnant?

Now whether your chameleon has fertile eggs or not who knows. It is important to remember that regardless of that they do produce eggs. I would say since you are unsure to go ahead and set up a egg laying chamber for her.

Many ways to do this. I use a large flower pot. It is about 14" tall and 12" wide. I fill this 3/4 of the way up with soil. Now for the soil I use a mix of peat moss and sand (half and half). The soil should stay moist through out pot (top to bottom) but not soak. I use the mix I do because it holds well for tunneling when moist. They will dig to the bottom, turn around and lay eggs.

Now a chameleon that is about to lay eggs needs privacy. This is why I leave the top part of the pot empty. It is a barrier so she will not immediatly see me upon me entering the room if I have to. Signs to watch for are: pacing at the bottom of the cage, some stop eating, may dig test holes. Seems kind of vague but you will know something is going on when you see the signs they should stand out to you. Sometimes this can take a couple of days. It is important not to disturb her while she is tunneling. She may quit and further complication could insue. Now if you are not around when she lays the eggs you will probably not know she has even dug a hole. Keep an eye on her, most will show outward signs as it is hard on them.

After she lays the eggs she will be dehydrated, hungray and very dirty. I stick my lady in the shower for awhile. You look showers up on a search. This will allow her to get some water and clean up. At this time I raid the eggs and put the container back. I feed her immediatly when she comes back in the cage. For the next week or so I feed mine a little more then usual. Allowing her to build back up some fat and energy.
Since rudis give live birth, you may not want to set up an egg laying spot for her. I am not sure of the signs in this species, but there are several keepers on the forum who will be able to answer that for you.

How old is your chameleon? Is she WC or CB? How long have you had her? Is it reasonable to expect that she has been exposed to a male? Even if she hasn't been recently, she could have retained sperm. If she is a WC adult, you can pretty much plan for babies at some point.

Its hard to notice if your cham is initally prego, but if she looks like this

she will have babies soon
If you have a male rudis, introduce him to the female. From my past experiences, fertiled female rudis shows very strong aggression toward male rudis by displaying dark/black coloration.
my rudis cham looks kinda like that but not that big.i have had her for about a few weeks and when my sister had bought her she was in a cage with a male rudis. my sister bought her about 2 months ago and sold her to me.
i do not know if she is a wb or cb, how would i tell? is there something in their coloration that would tell me which one she is??
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