Is she stressed


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I'm new to raising a chameleon and don't know for sure what colors are signs of stress. I have a juvenile veiled female chameleon. I know that when she is really striped with little pokadots she is stressed because she will hiss at me. But what does calm look like? My best guess is usually all green. Most of the time she is green with little white stripes here and there. Is that a good sign that she is relaxed? Also does anyone have any pics of a stressed and a calm chameleon so that I can compare and use them as a reference?
My experience is that normal is subjective, but I find that my when my male is relaxed he turns a mellow light green and his spots are orange bordered with white centers. Also, his frill is deflated.
LOL......I know the hissing is Pantera POd!


I have yet to get a pic of her chillin' because every time she sees the camera, she goes into killer mode!
lol...nice veil. Can't wait till mine gets bigger. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being extremely pissed, what does the top pic represent?
I am going with a 6 or 7 just by the picture. I am sure Ivory Serpent has seen what a mean momma veiled is capable of when fully pissed. A nine for me was when she charged from the other side of the cage, lunged and then proceded to hiss in my face as I proceded to clean her dookie up. The only reason I do not give it a 10 is because she did not actually get to bite me(that time:D ). I would also like to say this is not common behavior for her. Sometimes she just gets in the moods, maybe hormones or something. She normally retreats and watches as I clean her cage.
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