is my chameleon male or female

thanks alot i was wroied lol they said he was male and she is female so now i should say she insead of he lol tkz for help
hey luke,

im about to start making a egg laying pot for my girl, ive been advised by some people on the forum and pet shops that the best "soil" to be used is a top soil and not compost, reason being that composed contains alot of unhealthy ingrediants. some peeps recomend "supersoil" for there plots. Top soil being organic and more cham friendly, hope this helps?

regards Jamie:)
ok so where do ig et this soil from lol because i am needing to do this today because she has been like this for 3 days now
hey luke,

should b available from any good hardware or garden shop, where u from by the way?

im from uk umm u got msn would be like easyer to talk to you bout chamleons and egg laying plus im guessijng ure from america
male or female

She looks like a female to me also. I used play sand for my girls. Just make sure it is wet so it clumps together so she can form a tunnell. I used dechlorinated water to moisten the soil. I put my girls in a big ruberrmaid tote with the rope handles. It is very deep and they build the tunnell all the way to the bottom. Good luck
I hope your female will dig in the pot...and that the pot is big enough.

Here's what I have been doing for veileds, panthers and other egglaying chameleons for years.
I have a small container of sand in each egglaying female's cage...bit enough that the chameleon can fit into with a couple of inches to spare when the container is empty. I fill it about 2/3rds full of washed sandbox sand. When she starts digging in that I move her to a 65 liter rubbermaid container.

I cut away most of the lid and put screen over it. I fill the container about half full of moist washed sandbox sand and add a branch. You can add a plant too...but make sure that if its in a pot the pot sits on the floor of the rubbermaid container so she can't dig under it and have it collapse on her. I put the female in and put the lid on and place a light over the screened part. Be aware that the container will heat up more than a cage since its closed on all sides...and don't use too big of a light.

You can water and feed her while she is in there...just make sure that you remove any uneaten insects so they won't chew on her or the eggs.

DO NOT let her see you when she is will make her stop. If she stops often enough she will get past the point of being able to lay the eggs and become eggbound!
thanks for all help she layed last night lol she also for some weird reason buried the eggs as well lol she is very week and tired and is hissing at me lol did i metion very very skinny lol
They bury the eggs to incubate them. I would give her a shower. If not a shower and serious increase in misting over the next several days. They loose alot of fluid at times when laying eggs. I give my girl a little extra food over the next week in an effort to try and help her build up some energy.
yea she seems to completly ignor locusts and jsut eat the worms i gave her lol the weird thing is she going intot he pot now staying their for a bit and then when she try to get out again digs with her back feet for about 30 seconds then goes up to the top lol + should i remove the pot now?

Glad to read that she popped-out the eggs. I'm a bit concerned that she looks very low on calcium reserves. Your last photo took me right back to a friend's female veiled right after she laid eggs. A week or so after the eggs were laid, she took a short fall and broke a leg. The vet's diagnosis was that she was depleted of calcium from producing eggs. This happened from not getting enough calcium supplements during egg production and not enough time spent under her UVB lamp (she spent a lot of time on a plant outside of her normal enclosure). This shortage led to MBD.

I hope I'm wrong but just in case, post info about your UVB lamp type and setup. What Ca/D3 supplements are you using and what is the schedule?

Post a few more photos of your critter especially showing her legs and face.
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