Is my chameleon dehydrated?

My chameleon is about 8 months old now, I was looking around his cage and saw white/yellowish urine, is he dehydrated?


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How often and how long do you mist his enclosure? Can you post some pics of your Cham and setup please.
I spray him for about 5 min and mostly spray him 4
3-4 times a day
His basking light broke so I need to buy a new one,I also plan on adding more things to his cage


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His cage should be raised above off the floor. Also a misting system would work wonders for hydration. I don’t see one so I’m guessing your hand misting?
Yes I am hand misting and I can't lift the plant anymore since it is hanged , the daytime light bulb broke a few days ago , during the day I'm using his night basking bulb ,and yes I do know chameleons don't necessarily need night basking bulbs but in my house it gets pretty cold , I just bought a 50w bulb online and it is coming in 1 or 2 days or so


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If you need extra heat at night you should use a ceramic heat emitter instead of a night light. The light at night can disturb there sleep patterns. Unless your house is getting into the 50s at night you probably don’t need extra heat.

They need a night time temp drop to slow there metabolism. Once they start basking in the morning it speeds it back up.

Also you still haven’t mentioned a uvb bulb. Is your basking bulb a mercury vapour bulb or a regular bulb?

If it’s a regular bulb you need to get a t5 or t8 linear Fluorescent 5.0 uvb bulb.

I meant the whole cage needs to be off the floor not just the plant.


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I'll try to lift the cage and I've heard giving a cham a bath is good for hydration, but I think my cham is a little bit too young for a bath

No a bath would just stress him out. You could try putting him in the shower on a plant. Turn the water on slightly warm but not hot. About room temp. And aim the shower head at the wall letting the mist bounce off onto the plant. This will give him time to drink and clean his eyes. Make sure you watch him the whole time. The can stay in there for up to half hour.
During the day I have a night uv light for
Him , I have it because it gets pretty cold at night in my house , like I said , I am getting him another uv light to replace the other one that broke


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A chameleon should have NO lights going at night. They need total dark to sleep. Does your house go below 55 degrees at night? A drop in temp at night is good for them to sleep. You need a UVA and a UVB going on a 12 hour schedule, such as lights on at 7 am and off at 7 pm
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