Is my chameleon a male or female?


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Hi!! This is my veiled chameleon flash. My family and I recently got him from Petco a month and an half ago and he has been absolutely amazing! We had one a few years back and this is our first time getting a new one again. We have everything he needs and he’s had absolutely no issues but worried recently that it’s a female. We got him when he was 6 months old so he’s about 7 1/2 - 8 months old now. Just need someone to identify the sex of him to make sure we don’t need to put a dirt bin in


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Hi and welcome. :) You have a beautiful little lady. Just to ensure she won’t have any issues with egg production and laying, I’d suggest a review of current husbandry standards. I’ve only been in the hobby for a few years and have seen changes and updates. Also, if your pretty lady is 7 - 8 months old, you can start her on the regimen to help reduce egg production and laying, which will not only help prevent massive clutches that can increase risks of complications, but will prolong her life. It’s quite simple - keep basking temp at 80F and feed about 3-4 feeders, 3 days a week (plus treats). Definitely get a lay bin as a permanent part of her enclosure to avoid guessing when it will be needed. My girls prefer bins that are at least 12” long and wide filled to 6” deep with washed play sand. I do drill some tiny holes in the bottom of the bin to allow drainage.
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