Is my cham pregnant?

Hello i have a female veiled chameleon she is about 6-7 months old and ive noticed many wierd things first of all she been in the bottom of the cage alot especialy in the corners rubbing off the towel paper off. Second her body has gotten bigger fatter and she hasnt really eaten like she used to but has been drinking. So now i check today and she has like little lumps not that big barely notice until i got a closer look so heres some pics: P2080037.jpg


Yes u have a bin with play sand kinda wet but not much inside her cage and i have the cage covered so she doesnt get nervous thanks to Carols advice but she told me to post a thread to see if she REALLy is pregnant thanks Carol!!
So is she pregnant couse iam not sure really iam new in keeping chams so iam not very experienced in seeing if a cham is or not pregnant but i have read and it seems she is but i dont know really =p.
She looks pretty chunky in the second pic. Have you tried setting her on top of the laying bin?
no luck today when i came back to school she is just there doing nothing i guess ill have to wait more? and yes i have the place covered so she cant see me walking well patience is a virtue =)
Ok she hasnt done anything for 2 days in her laying bin iam getting worried now how long will this take i dont want her to die =( but she doesnt eat when she was in her cage any ideas?
OMG GUYS GUESS WHAT!! I found out that my cham is preg, she wanted to lay her eggs in the plant pot but she couldnt alot of dirt on the cage floor. I put her in the laying bin and immidietly started to make a hole! iam so surprised but happy. Thanks to you all who gave me adivce since the first time i got her and her egg laying thread (wich is this one) thank you all!!

From: William
OK the moment has come =) SHE HAS LAYE P2240057.jpg

P2240058.jpg D HER EGGS!!!! there are 38 eggs and she is 7 months old !! i was surprised how many she layed well since everybody loves pics here they are!! BTW they are not fertile she has not mated so i dont really know what to do with the eggs =s but heres some pics and ENJOY!!!
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