Is my blue bar Ambilobe panther chameleon a boy or girl?

Jada Eason

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Hello! My chameleon is 5 months old and I wanted to know if anyone could help me figure out if it’s a boy or girl.


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Jada Eason

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I got it as an egg and I’ve been raising it ever since then. I contacted the breeder and he said there’s a 75% chance it’s a girl and a 25% chance it’s a boy. I just wanted a second opinion.


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Nice looking chameleon. I'm sad to say I still have no clue on how to tell if its male/female. Even after others have said what the sex is.

Jada Eason

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I have a video on my YouTube that shows him (hopefully) or her (I will still love it the same) a little better. I love the colors on the males but if it's a girl I will just get a male from the same breeder.

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