Is Jurassi-vite a good supplement


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Is Jurassi-vite a good supplement? Do I need an additional calcium supplement? Or is there just something better out there to dust crickets with? I am gutloading with oranges, collards, and Flukers orange cubes.
Howdy Juli,

Jurassi-vite is not one of the more common mineral/vitamin sources that chameleon keepers use. Miner-All (I), Miner-All (O) and Herptivite are more understood. Also, the equivalent Rep-Cal calcium products are often used instead of (I) and (O) Miner-All products.
Howdy Juli,

As far as gutloading crickets, since you are in Florida, take a look at located:

Cricket Food
293 Drosdick Drive
Casselberry, Florida 32707

They make a decent product and might even be close to you :rolleyes:.
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