Is it possible she never lays eggs?


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Hi all!
So my little girl Hela is now around 14-15 months, and still no signs of eggs at all. She has a little bit receptive colors showing, but that's it.
Hela is very small, she had a very rough beginning before coming into my care (she lived in a travel carrier, no heat/lights, no supplements, wild caught crickets outside of a tweaker motel, that's just the tip of the iceberg)
She recently went through some antibiotic treatments due to an infection (she has been doing much better since, but I haven't been able to get her to the vet for a follow up yet due to the holliday's). Months ago I thought she was starting to produce eggs, but turns out it was a poo lol
So knowing she had such a rough beginning and poor care early on, is it possible she never lays eggs??
Of course, she has a lay bin set up if the day ever comes its ready for her, but egg laying makes me extra anxious, she's the only female I've ever had and I'm a bit of worrier lol
I'm planning on taking her vet again soon for some follow up blood work, I want to make sure the infectionis gone and do a complete work up to check on her organs as well, so I'll ask my vet about this as well, but I thought everyones thoughts here as well.

Some previous posts about her to give you some history:

And of course pictures cause she's adorable :love:


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It's possible. Not all females start producing infertile eggs. Hard to predict, though because she had a rough beginning it might just start later than others.


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I don't have the knowledge to answer that but had to say that last pic is fantastic. She looks like she's smiling at the camera!


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Thanks guys! This whole egg laying thing gives me anxiety, and I probably over think everything lol
She's still so small (at her last appointment she was 84g, she had put on a lot of weight since being in my care) and she's still growing. So maybe she is just a late bloomer :unsure:

I just wasn't sure if it was possible if the poor care could have made her sterile, or if anyone has heard of that type of thing happening. Really it was just something that popped in my head after months of thinking it could be happening at "any time now" lol

And thanks for the compliments, she's fiery and sassy, but super photogenic, I just adore her so much :love:


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I've wondered this about my veiled. She's about 6-8 months. No signs of any eggs. She as MBD. So who knows lol
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