Is it okay if my Chameleon see's my pet rats?


So I have one Veiled cham and 2 pet rats. My rat cage is on my desk in my room and my chameleon is in my walk in closet. So they can't see each other unless i bring my cham out of his cage into the main part of the room. I was thinking of building a mini free range in the main part of my room. My cham will obviously be able to see the rats then. Is it okay if my cham can see my pet rats? I know they get stressed out sometimes if they can see other chams, I just don't know if the same rule applies to other pets.

Note: there will be no way for the rats to come in direct contact with my chameleon. I have seen some sad posts on here where people lost chams due to other pets getting a hold of their cham. Not that my sweet rats would do such a thing :)
My boy lives with a dog and the dog is scared of the chamLOL Popeye streaks across the carpet past the dog and the dog hides behind the chair. I would try it and watch for a reaction!:)
Mine see my two cats and my 6 year old. Just make sure yours has a place he can "hide" and feel secure.:D
Both my chams don't mind the hamster, they do get a bit stressed when the snake comes out to play, so I make sure that their cages are closed up and they don't glimpse the snake when we take him out
Thanks everybody! Feeling confident I tried it for like 45 min. I honestly don't think they even noticed each other lol
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