Is it ok to leave my humidifier on in my veiled cham's cage all night?


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It's a small tear drop shaped humidifier and is the most success I've had with humidity (without it, humidity drops to like 40%, but with it it's like 70% up). My cham is drinking but I do think she's a little dehydrated because I've been feeding her dry gut-loaded bugs and the white(?) part of her poop is yellow. I turn her light off at night. Thanks!


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Could you fill out the ask for help form (link in my signature below), along with posting pictures of your cham and her cage, please? Do you have a lay bin for her? Humidifier all night long is fine

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I don't think there would be a problem with the humidifier being on all night. if anything it would help her shed her skin faster. As long as you turn it off for a little while in the day it should be fine.


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I would let it run for a few hours at least. Then, let the enclosure dry out during the day as it would between misting sessions.
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