is it ok to feed beeatles


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hi all i have a box of meal worms and some have turn in to beetles are these ok for mu veiled to eat


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I wouldnt if the lizard is very small, but an adult will munch a few no problem, but be sparing all the same. Try to vary the diet as much as possible with different insects, worms etc.


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You can feed them, but personally i would not recommend. Mealworms aren't so good as feeders, because of the relative lot of cithin. Try to feed supers instead of mealworms. The are relative softer than meals, but do not feed the beetles if they turning into that, the hard cithin ingested can be damage the digestive tract, which is not desirable at all :D Use silk-, horned-, superworms, crickets, dubia roaches or other roaches, locusts as feeders, and dont forget to gutload them, and dusting them light with Ca without D3 every feeding :D If you are planning to breed the feeders and need some info, jus ask (or search on the site).

good luck!
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