Is he ok?


Hi everyone, I got 2 lovely little Chamaeleo hoenelii a couple of days ago. The female is really lively wandering around her cage and checking out everything, i've seen her feed everyday and she is looking really good.
The male seems so inactive in comparison, he spends all day under his basking light and never uses the whole of his enclosure. He tried to eat the day after I got him but he kept missing aim and did not shoot his tongue very fast, I know he wasn't too cold as he was under his basking light and had been for several hours at 30 degrees celcius, I heard they didn't even tolerate that temperature but if I move him he just goes straight back.

They are housed seperately but can see each other Their enclosures are mesh 60cm tall 60cm wide and 40 cm deep, their basking areas are heated to 30 degrees celcius, the rest of their enclosure ranges from 25 degrees c at the top to 15 degree c at the floor. Their night temperature ranges through their cages from 10 degrees c to 18 degrees c.
The humidity is generally from 60-90% and they are sprayed 3 times per day.

Is he just going to take time to settle in or do you think there is something wrong? I wouldn't have worried quite so much but the female is so active in comparison.
You might want to put some sort of opaque barrier between the cages, to keep them from seeing each other. Even if they can't reach each other, they can still be stressed from the sight of another cham.
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