Is he ok?


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Hi all,

I fed the little guy (he's about 4 months old) a cricket today that was maybe too big, and he had a bit of trouble swallowing, but finally managed and didn't choke or anything. But then just one side of his face went black as you can see in the picture!

Do you think he's OK? He seems fine, except for face :-(


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I honestly have no clue why his face is black. If it doesn't go away I would go to the vet. Hope he's ok.
Did it look like the cricket might have bitten him or stuck him with a spine on it's leg? It looks like he had some sort of injury to it and it has turned black because it bruised.

Is the picture just blurry, or is his eye looking odd?
The picture is kinda blurry - it was taken with my phone. I think his eye is okay.

He might have been injured by a spiny leg. I don't really know.

Is there anything I should do now? Or just wait and see if it goes away? He's still seems happy enough, and active enough 15 hours after the event. Just the half-black face :(
He seems to be fine now!

So after about 18 hours he finally turned back to green! I guess it was just some kind of stress reaction. But he's fine now :)
Oh wow! Never seen anything like that! I have no idea what it could be, seems like a short time to be a bruise. But i'm glad to hear he's okay again :)
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