Is aromatherapy safe near Chameleons?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Kaseabra, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Kaseabra

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    So is it safe to use an aromatherapy defuser in the same room as a chameleon?

    Are there specific scents that are safe and ones that are not?

    I haven't used mine in the apartment at all since Calypso came home, but I was just curious. We live in a small apartment and I feel nervous even using it in my bedroom. From all my research chameleons are so sensitive to respiratory things, I don't want to risk harming her at all.

    Thank you for your advice!!!

  2. OldChamKeeper

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    There are no studies on this topic. Now I do use some frebreze in the reptile room occasionally and to date it hasn't caused an issue I'm aware of.

    But I use it rarely. You would be using something 24/7
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  3. hopps31

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    I use Airwick plug-ins in the same room as the chams. and around my insects, they have had no adverse effects as of now.
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  4. absolutbill

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    Personally I avoid strong scents, and close the door to the reptile room when using cleaning products in the guest bathroom (right next door to the reptile room). Their respiratory system is quite delicate and I just feel it's not worth the risk.
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  5. Carlton

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    I would be very cautious...probably wouldn't, especially if you are using a specific aromatherapy agent for a therapeutic purpose. Some are probably more potent and concentrated than others. The volatiles and oils many contain may produce residues on your cage and the plants....that your cham licks for moisture. If you want to use it in another room, probably OK.

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