Is a night drop necessary?


The snake room averages 78-80, mid room, near the floor it can go as low 78-76 but I dont do a night drop, it stays this temp 24/7. So the only "night drop" would be turning off the basking.I am using a 40w for the basking, it has to be a low wattage because of the warm room temps.It makes a basking of 92.

Will this be okay? Will a juvi cham go to the bottom of the cage to cool off or sleep? Otherwise it will probably be 80 at the top all night.
A juvi might like it a bit warmer at night... mid 70's but as an adult it's a good idea to let things get down into the lower 70's. Where I live, that is hard to do in the summer... so sometimes I have to leave it warm at night if I am not running the AC. I am sure in summer time where some of our chameleons are from it stays warm at night, but not year round. So my point.... if you can cool it down for part of the year and then it stays warm for other parts, you should be ok... but I would try and let the room cool to like 72ish if you can as the cham gets older. I even let my rooms get down to 65ish in winter. My melleri are super happy green when the temps is the low 60's. When we were moving apt's. this last weekend I left them outside in 55 degree weather and they were that same happy lime green.
I May have to move him out of that room when he is older then.I cant let that room get that cool. I also have one glass tank that has a red night heat bulb on it.Will this bother the cham trying to sleep? I could get a blue light instead or even a CHE.
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